Peer Review Process

  1. Incoming papers will be checked by the editor regarding the suitability of the article topic 
  2. Reviewers review manuscripts in accordance with their scientific fields. If the manuscript is not in accordance with its field of competence, it has the right to refuse the review process and be transferred to another more competent reviewer.
  3. The review process uses Double blind review, that is, the reviewer does not know the identity of the author, and vice versa.
  4. The review process of one manuscript is carried out by the reviewer and the stage process is carried out with the E-Journal system and / or correspondence.
  5. Reviewers review the manuscript within a period of time (maximum 2 weeks) since the manuscript is received. Review process based on manuscript substance (article quality)
  6. The manuscript of the review results is returned to the Section Editor or editorial secretariat.
  7. Accepted manuscripts are then waiting for publication in June and December